Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tuesday's Top Ten PLUS Ten: Favorite Summer Outfits!

Summer is upon us (and almost behind us)! But before the wonderful season of fall descends, we wanted to share our ten favorite summer outfits with you! Be sure to read BecKyle's post as well!

*side note...photography is brought to you by Melany's cell phone, quality isn't the greatest

1. Newly discovered this combination, love it! Beloved shoes and awesome colors!

2. Leggings, sundress, and cardigan is often chosen 

3. I love this sundress and overlay, plus beeeautiful shoes 

4. Comfy ruffled strapless top with same overlay as above

5. Lacey boho tops are pretty great :)

6. The only time I wear horizontal stripes... :)

7. Sheer pink button up (the back has a fun cutout) and white tank

8. Oh how I loooove tribal print! And this super soft and light top. 

9. Sheer flowery racer-back tank 

10. Aaaand my Camp Joy 2014 tshirt..because well..I love it :)

The next time a blog post addresses our closets it will be about fall...yay!!! I cannot wait for the season of scarves and boots and cardigans (OH MY!). Not to mention leaves and pumpkin and coffee..oh how I missed fall :) Thanks for reading-don't forget to hop on over to BecKyle's list as well! :)

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