Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tuesday's Top Ten PLUS Ten: Ain't That the Truth!

This week I am taking a more silly approach to my list! But if I were to write ten of my favorite truths on a serious note, they would all come from the Bible.

With that said, here are my fun-spirited and silly top ten "ain't that the truth" moments. Don't forget to hop on over to Becky's list as well to see her take on it!

1. Books vs. Movies? You'd better answer that one correctly or I am officially kicking you off of my blog! Okay..but really.

2. Downton Abbey is a newfound love of mine, and the dowager countess is probably my favorite character!

3. I take my books and beverages seriously.

4. If you need corrected vision, the struggle is real. There's also no laying on your side, running, or being outside in the cold with glasses. But contacts all the time is rough...first world problems I guess.
5. I destroy my room on average, once a day.
6. I've never babysat Spiderman...but I have watched many small children who made me count the moments until I got home. The truth is, babysitting can be rough.

7. For real, I have no artistic ability

8. I try to keep myself away from Youtube and Pinterest for these very reasons...

9. Don't ever miss calls from your parents. Enough said.
10. And of course
A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes (You are never too old for a disney movie ) |Disney| inspiration #myartinstitute

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  1. These are great. And how "ironic" that we started this post with the same idea.