Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tuesday's Top Ten PLUS Ten: Creative Costumes

I love Halloween! Not because of the spookiness or the candy, but simply because I get to dress up! Theatricality is delightful! I don't have the best history of costumes (you're looking at..or rather reading about the little girl who was a princess every year until she was 12...or maybe 13:)) but I do aspire to up my game as the years go by! Two years ago I was catwoman..
Last year I was Scarlet O'Hara (sadly I managed to forget a full body picture to capture my dress in all it's splendor)

Be sure to check out BecKyle's list as well!

1.Comic Strip Character
It would require talent in the makeup area, but is a simple idea! I think it's super fun!

2. Blessing in Disguise
How stinking punny. 

3. Eggs Benedict Cumberbatch
Yes. Just yes.

4. Assault and Battery
If you couldn't tell yet, I enjoy a good play on words.

5. Oh deer/dear or Holy Cow

Okay, so I'm a dork. But hey it's funny!

6. Reigning/ Raining Cats and Dogs

7. Peter Pan's Shadow

Is this clever, or is this clever?

8. Spelling Bee
I love this!

9. VHS

10. Paper Doll
How cute!

Don't forget to check out BecKyle's list! She is quite creative in this area! My favorite of her costumes that I've seen was this creative idea...book fairy! :)

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