Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tuesday's Top Ten PLUS Ten: Fall Fashion Favorites!

Happy Tuesday! This week is all about fall! Oh how I love fall. So in honor of my favorite season, here are some outfits I enjoy wearing in the fall. (P.s. I will add what I paid for the entire outfit at each end, all inclusive- jeans and shoes and everything-to demonstrate how stinking awesome it is to shop at Plato's Closet

1. Sparkly tank, grey cardigan and distressed capris (plus an adorable little sister who helped me pick these out) Outfit total $22

 2. Lace collared tank top, grey sweater, bubble necklace, and tan boots. $31
 3. This one is probably my very favorite of them all. I just got this button up last friday, for $5 and it's quickly becoming a love of mine. It has two tones of little blue polka dots, paired with another well-used item of my closet..my dark brown riding boots. Outfit total, $32
 4. All time favorite cardigan, paired with a tribal printed tank top and brown boots $28
 5. My dress-length brown sweater, with an animal printed tank and boots (almost like I love boots or something) $37
 6. Super comfy and warm dress length sweater $24
 7. Tribal printed sweater and tan boots $26
 8. I love this sweatery-shirt, paired with a skirt and two long necklaces $16
 9. I love the colors in this! I would never put them together otherwise, but this artistic dress pulls them both together. I can't total this outfit because only the dress came from Plato's, the rest were gifts, buuut the dress was $8. Yep Plato's rocks.
10. And last but definitely not least...Hoodies! Hoodies are definitely a favorite fall outfit of mine! If I didn't love clothes like I do, hoodies would be what I wear 24/7 (and sometimes I do)

Thanks for reading! Now hop on over to BecKyle's list and check out hers! :)

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